Customizing Services

We offer a wide variety of customizing services, including Embroidery, Screen-printing and Multi-Color Printing. You may select a design from our collection of previously created custom designs, or you may forward your own artwork to us. You may also substitute your own words (logos, city name, etc.) for the words shown in our examples.


Camera-ready art is needed. Art requiring revision or touch-up may incur an art charge. We cannot accept art by fax. Send artwork by email to using .psd, eps, or .jpg format. Provide all required fonts. All artwork submitted (including camera-ready art) will be sized to utilize maximum imprint area unless otherwise specified.


Embroidery prices are based upon the number of stitches in a design and a cost for developing embroidery machine instructions. It may be necessary to adjust your design instructions to run well on our embroidery machines. All items for domestic embroidery require a 72 piece minimum per same thread color combination. Orders for less than the minimum quantity will be invoiced at minimum embroidery quantities. For quantities of 720 pieces or more, we can provide direct import embroidery on many styles. Please refer to our Import Quotation Request.


Please provide us with camera- ready separated artwork. We will quote prices based upon the quantity and product ordered and the number of colors chosen. Imprint Coverage: When printing light color ink on dark items, 100% coverage is not always guaranteed, and a charge for flash printing will be made. We will make every effort to match ink colors. We recommend that you provide a specific PMS # (e.g. Red PMS 032) when submitting art. However. exact color matching can not always be achieved. There is a minimum of 72 pieces per same color ink. We do not impose a screen charge. Import service is also available for a 720 piece minimum. Please refer to our Import Quotation Request.

Multi-Color Printing

We provide multi-color printing only on light colored products and we require non-separated camera-ready art. Exact color matching cannot always be achieved. There is a minimum of 72 pieces per design. We do not impose a screen charge.

Production Proofs

Production proofs are recommended for large orders. For imprints, the charge is $15.00 per color, plus the price of the item. For embroidery, the cost is $5.00 per thousand stitches, plus the price of the item. Unless you instruct us otherwise, all production proofs will be shipped via 1 day air service and billed accordingly. Production proofs are recommended for large orders of price or quantity.

Orders and Re-orders

Orders should be given in writing and any changes to Blank, Printed and/or Embroidered orders must be confirmed in writing. Exact reorders should include previous Invoice Number, Date and Art Job Number. Reorders must be received in writing.

Production Time

For imprinting, please allow two to three weeks after receipt of artwork and acceptance of order. For embroidery, please allow approximately 4 to 6 weeks depending on the time of order acceptance. Receipt of deposit or credit card authorization and written production approval is required before Seagull will accept your order and begin production. Custom Overseas Orders need 135-165 days for delivery time.


We will do our best to ship the exact quantity ordered, however, customized orders are subject to a 5% under-run. Shortages or defective items will not be reprinted or embroidered. Customized items with defects will be credited upon return.

Custom Overseas Orders

Minimum quantities vary from 300 pieces to 1728 pieces, depending upon the item selected, with an average minimum quantity of 720 pieces. The time of delivery will also impact the minimum quantity required, because of shipping considerations. A deposit or domestic letter of credit will be required for all custom import orders. Anticipate a 135-165 day period for delivery, but this time may be less depending on the when your order is accepted.

Cancellations and Changes

Orders cancelled during production for blank, imprinted or embroidered goods will be charged at the cost of material & labor expended to date plus planned shipping costs. All cancellations must be in writing!! Verbal instructions will not be accepted.

Returns & Claims

For customization, all boxes containing blank items must be inspected, verified to be the correct product ordered, and suitable for customization before customization and alterations begin. It is the responsibility of the customer or their agent, printer or embroiderer to act on behalf of the customer regarding inspection. No returns or claims will be allowed after customization.

All returns must be made within thirty days after shipment. All returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization Number freight prepaid. Any returns not due to our error will incur a 15% restocking fee of the purchase price plus any shipping costs. Refused shipments not due to our error will incur a 15% restocking fee plus all incurred freight charges. Charges are posted to the customer's current balance. All boxes containing blank items must be inspected and verified to be the correct product ordered before customization. For third parties, it is the responsibility of your agent printer or embroiderer to verify merchandise before customization. No returns or claims will be accepted once items are customized.


After printing or embroidery the goods will be packed for shipment but not returned to the original packing condition.


Fabric color, texture, construction, or item size are not guaranteed to be identical, uniform, or color fast in finished merchandise. Photographic colors may not be representative of true product colors.


Logos on various products in our catalog are to show customization ability, and are not shown as advertisements or as being for sale to anyone other than those expressly authorized by the owner of the designs. Seagull Intl. may require proof of authorization to use logos known to be trademarks. The buyer represents, for all customization orders, that the buyer is authorized to use the designs to be customized.

Import Quotation Request

We are able to provide you with direct import service at considerable savings to you for many items. Custom embroidery and personalizing is also available on these orders. Although the minimum order amount varies with each product, currently, we require a minimum order of approximately 720 pieces. Please Contact Us by e-mail with your request and include the following details: Style # and Description, Color, Quantity, Shipping Destination including zip code, and the Date you need these items in your possession. We will do our best to provide you with an accurate quote.

Terms and Shipping

Cash in Advance, or Visa or MasterCard accepted at time of purchase only. FOB Warehouse, Philadelphia PA.

Limitation of Liability

Seller's liability for damages for any transaction shall not exceed in the aggregate the amount paid by the buyer for the merchandise giving rise to any cause of action or a related cause of action. This limitation of liability shall be the sole remedy at law or in equity by any party against seller. Seller shall not be liable for consequential damages, disclosed or non-disclosed, including but not limited to, economic loss, lost profits or for any damages incurred by a third party.


Seller disclaims and denies all expressed or implied warranties against infringement and of design. Seller specifically denies and disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


Buyer warrants that it shall indemnify, defend, and hold seller, its officers, employees, shareholders and agents harmless from and against any claims, damages and costs, including attorney's fees and costs resulting from claims of customers or any third party.

Buyer's Warranty

Buyer warrants that it has the right to use the artwork, logos and other materials that are requested to be placed on seller's products. Buyer further warrants that it shall defend, indemnify, and hold seller, its officers, employees, shareholders, and agents harmless against any claims for damages and costs, including but not limited to attorneys' fees and costs, in any cause of action including, but not limited to an infringement action, as a result of customizing the artwork, logos and other materials.


The above provisions are hereby incorporated by reference in the terms and conditions of sale between the parties, which are shown in seller's full catalog and pricelist and also on its order forms and invoices. These provisions are essential to the relationship between the seller and others and cannot be waived by the seller, its employees or its agents.