Ordering Info

After you have logged in, you will see all our products with wholesale prices. Prior to login, you only see the MSRP (suggested retail price). To begin your shopping, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Click on the “Shop Wholesale” link (at the top of each page) to view each of our product categories.
  2. Click on the main Product Category (e.g. Headwear), then choose from the drop down menu on the left side for all the sub-categories (e.g. Women’s Styles) and then choose the specific products within that grouping (e.g. Fashion & Straw). You will see a page with all the products from that grouping. Click on the product image or name of a particular item to see more details and to place an order.
  3. For easy ordering of several items in the same grouping, switch to our Bulk Order View (icon is on right side of page on same level as product category name). With Bulk Order View the page displays all items in a category with smaller images, a quantity input box, and a single add to cart button that would add all items with a quantity to the cart at once.
  4. You can also use the Search Catalog feature on the top of each page to search for products by style number, product name or descriptive word.

Payment Info

There is no minimum dollar amount for any order placed on our website. On non-website orders, there is a $5.00 service charge on orders under $100. All our products are packed in wholesale quantities. The minimum quantity you can order is shown on the Product Detail page for each item. On most items, the minimum order quantity is 12 pieces. The minimum quantity packs for our footwear are larger to allow for a greater size and color assortment. The minimum quantities for many of our toddler hats are 24 pieces.

When you place an order online, our standard method of payment is credit card. We accept, Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit cards and  Debit cards. We offer credit terms (net 30 days) to well-rated firms. To apply for credit terms, please complete our New Account Application. Three trade references with addresses are required. Please allow ample time for credit check on first order. Credit references can only be checked when accompanied by an order. By placing an order with Seagull International, Inc., you are agreeing to pay for the amount of your purchase plus shipping and handling charges.